We see our customers as partners and as such, we believe in developing relationships that build trust. Our vision has always been to make sure our customers have a resource that offers them the products and services they needed along with the expertise needed to be successful in the market.

At Vo Gres, we strive to maintain relationships with our clients past the point of purchase. This ensures our commitment to all of our business partners on a scope beyond most wholesalers. We are dedicated to not only providing exceptional service, but also developing personal relationships with each and every customer.

Always Superior Quality

Choice and Service




Headquartered in Mississauga, Vo Gres Inc. is a Canadian based organization with an established global networking presence. We are a leading wholesaler of high quality tile and stone products and are built on a foundation as solid as the tile we sell. With associates travelling literally around the globe, we are committed to bringing the latest styles and innovations available in materials such as ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and natural stone. Our high quality products are imported and feature products from Italy, Spain, and many other countries.


Bring any vision to life with our selection of products and commitment to the highest quality in tiles. We don’t only provide the best in quality and service, we also provide the best in price. Our competitive pricing is a key factor in our business model and we believe it can be utilized as a great selling point for all end-users. With our range of products and low prices, our customers are sure to stand out from their competition.

Vo Gres Wholesale Porcelain and Ceramic Tile